The Distance

by Buxaburn

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Welcome to "The Distance"
You made it. Now let's go!


released August 15, 2014

Produced by: Bokem Allah
Written by: Buxaburn



all rights reserved


Buxaburn Santa Ana, California

Buxaburn is a Hip Hop recording artist from Santa Ana, CA, promoting his new album: Buxaburn "Matches". Produced by A-RusH. Buxaburn the seasoned veteran is heavily influenced by Reggae, Funk, Rock n Roll, Blues and Soul. Prepare to experience multiple styles of MC'ing, at a high level of skill, energy, and delivery, when tuning into Buxaburn. ... more

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Track Name: Skeleton Walk feat. Bo'kem Allah
Awe yea so, whats up, wit all the talk
some of y'all suffer from a memory loss
If Hip Hop is dead, Im calling the shot
hallelujah, I can make a Skeleton Walk

So how do ya, really make a Skeleton Walk
first you got to take it to the, where did it start
when me an my adidas, got off a the cross
hallelujah, I can make a Skeleton Walk

(Verse 1)
How Hip Hop Dead, when the last I checked
fool can't nuthin come kill me yet
I run the fundamentals, an the basics steps
I got it from the vinyl, and the tape cassettes
thank God u can take it, an save ya breath
or maybe u just want to give ya days a rest
well in that case place it, I raise ya bet
nothing less, than the price, will erase the debt
go ahead cry baby, Jesus wept
on them gems in the 80's, these is fresh
on paper, it looked like a easy test
till he took it, then look who got the easy F
Im a, G to death, a seasoned Vet,
squeezin, like I aint got a reason left
when its Hip Hop y'all, I keeps it kept
Defender, of the North, South, East and West.

Awe yea so, whats up, wit all the talk
some of y'all suffer from a memory loss
If Hip Hop is dead, Im calling the shot
hallelujah, I can make a Skeleton Walk

So how do ya, really make a Skeleton Walk
put the mixtape, in the big boom box
turn it up, all the way, play it out at the park
hallelujah, I can make a Skeleton Walk

(Verse 2)
The Industry, better say a hail mary tonight
after that, they can go an see if Mary aiiight
me I make the radio, become a burial site
man a murderaa, u know, the stereo type
got ya dealing wit a skeleton, still in his skin
to big fa skinny jeans, I dont fit in the trend
let me take ya to the hood, and hear you say it to them
oh whats the matter, thats what u get for playing pretend
Yo Money!!, money got ya runnin a sprint
crash dummy, you aint even making a dent
they wanna crucify the legend, so in the event
Im at the essence, I wonder where the rest a ya went
Buxaburn I, build wit the real Hip Hoppin
must put on me Clarks, when me Dogs is barking
ha, to say the least, looks who's out the coffin
lets go for a walk, the Streets are talking, awe

Awe yea so, whats up, wit all the talk
some of y'all tried to run it off a the block
If Hip Hop is dead, Im calling the shot
hallelujah, I can make a Skeleton Walk

So how do ya, really make a Skeleton Walk
stop ya rat racing, chasing the charts
pop the pop-lock, like ya never forgot
hallelujah, I can make a Skeleton Walk

(Verse 3, Bo'kem Allah)
Me? I breath life in a track/
While you, pick up the mic and stick a knife in a back/
The beat's a phantasm that makes your neck bone spasm/
And makes me write some shit you can't fathom/
Quique Cruz you probably heard of me/
But now Bo'kem Allah is navigating through the vertebrae/
I brought honor to my name now I'm righteous/
I had to flip the script cuz Hip Hop is in a crisis/
It's walking dead and now they got zombies in Brooklyn/
I'll resurrect them with a verse and bring the hook in/
It's like a life giving potion/
They step up out of their graves and start doing the locomotion/
This Five Percenter got raps like a mummy/
You Eighty Fivers man y'all rappin like dummies/
But instead of of leaving you outlined in chalk/
I'll teach you how to live right and make a skeleton walk/

Track Name: California Green feat. Phatt Dogg & Blu Waters
oh, 1 things fa sho
we on the California Green, so u already know what that
thats whats up
straight made it from the hood, then we raised a cup, an said
we brought the funk
like, u can come and get whatever what ya want, cus its
We Some Ruthless G's
so before somun pop,……… MUSIC PLEASE

(Verse 1)
Buxaburn on sight, Hoodlum West, Fo-Life
posted on the block, like a pair of ol dice
sold it to the top, got it fo the low price
brought somun to pop, then I put it on ice
make ya wanna drive by like, just ride
kind a sound better than the big 4-5
we know how ta party California so fly
so high, oh, fo sho, oh my
flossin all off in the cut
a whole lot more, than just a lil somewhat
leave that pump, for somun else in the trunk
we bump bump, an da dump da G-Funk
play dis once, an see da girl do the groove
I 1-2 step, so respect the house shoes
ooh I looove, to tell the world whats, home to me
Santa Ana, California, Bristol Street…Be like


(Verse 2)
(Phatt Dogg)


(Verse 3)
(Blu Waters)

Track Name: My All-Star
say no more, its the Original Well of War from 714
Warbux a Warwell from the day me kick in the door
they'll be no talk of returning, when its Buxaburnin hun
I want to give a special shot out to all of the ladies,
u know me bust Bux to da World, an to all the fly girls them
Man been Bad Since when, an a Don since then

Don a Don, Don of more than one Francine
call Vivica, what I call Maxine
My All Star, favorite one on that team
Ayesha, Kalina, Delicia, hey Tina

Don a Don, Don of more than one Jezebel
call Jessica, what I call a Michelle
My All Star, baby girl she know me well
Shakira, Quianna, Sabrina, Im on her

(Verse 1)
Girl I know u see it, when I step up at a show
got it just below my waist, like I kept a 44
oh Im picky wit my taste, I don't go wit any hoe
so that left me wit the rest, yes the bless-ed plentiful
u can come into the kitchen, u can turn it up an cook
u can hear me say ur name, like I put it on the hook
an it aint about a car, or some money on the book
Girl u dealing wit a Don, baby tell me, how me look, Buxaburn!


(Verse 2)
Twist it an twirl it, still Im a get to where its at
Girl I hit it, an hurl it, an have u sitting where I sat
I be going in for it, just right before u bring it back
like its Leo the Lion, verses the little Kitty Kat
this is what I be kicking at her, girl u look thick in that fur
touch it an tug it, and say I love what u did to ur hair,
growlin and makin ya purr, dip it an give it a stir
come wit the Don of the Deep, keeper of what ya prefer
lookin at her like I know that she know
all up in the eye, you would think that I was eeee-vil
everybody vibe, when ur running this with me so
just u an ur girls, baby bring all of ur people
listen me, mami get bizzy body, she sientate aqui
keeping it HEAVY, she want the boooom, didley didley D
show me Chloe, Genevieve, Shamika shake it fa me
now she given, up de nani, begging me, take it fa aaaaah


(Verse 3)
Let me see u move for me lady, make a dance for The Don
move for me baby, get it rolling on da song
hey make it move for me lady, like u not do any wrong
make it, ….dance for me, …..make it…….dance for me

Let me see u move for me lady, make a dance for The Don
move for me baby, like u know de tradition
hey make it move for me lady, later we can get it on
make it, ….dance for me, …..make it…….dance for me ….hear me sing


aaaaah u know its nuthin but straight fun when u get Bux's attention girl
as soon as I put it on u can stop ur wishing
my song a let u do a lot more than just listen girl

(Verse 4 / Repeat Verse 1)
Track Name: Heart 'A' Fiyah (chant)
If they dont convict that man fe murda
people my shots will not linger
Buxaburn got a Heart 'A' Fiyah
so before I put my lyrics down,
you got to know, when the Children
need security in front the Building!!!!!!!
Track Name: Rebel's Delight
ya see me, been the rebel of my class ever since PE

(Verse 1)
Son of the word, of the rebel, its the Epitome
I took it to you, an to who's, in the vicinity
the people been telling me Bux, give em a remedy
so Big up ta Flava and Chuck, its Public Enemy
still in the jungle it is, a Rhyme Animal
ready as long as I live, an dynamical
government sick in the head, an another note
poison is put in the pill , an thats ya antidote
issuing medic insurance, for every resident
who is this not of the purist, doctoring medicines
badder the demon you worship, offering reverence
ya medical symbol a serpent, well theres ya evidence
thinking they takin my thoughts, but yo I own this
that aint whats making ya smart, get off the phone kid
look at em trying to keep, up with the Joneses
these are American streets, Home of the Homeless
clothes, cars, hoes, diamonds, gold we living up
what have we become, to dumb to know we giving up
blood is in the air, they scared of the indigenous
they don't want students, brothers they want prisoners
put another prison up, thats where they vision us
chinks, wabs, white trash, niggas is getting in the bus
Feds want ta turn, the Dons ta Ex Cons
then raise the price of gas, for Exxon
MON!!! thats Government ran money
the Third World holler, the government ran from me
Don't believe the hype, Black, Steel in the Hour
Rebel wit out a Pause, then, Fight the Power

(Verse 2)
Ancient practice, of raising taxes
a trickle down theory, that just aint goan happen
ya paid your tuition, an ya pass ya classes
now go and get a job from a racist bastard
the case is heard, the evidence is worthless
hence the judgements, of disturbing verdicts
the cop on the block, call him Officer Nervous
harassment, brutality, he offers a service
ha, the Dude planned it, the food is rancid
to whom it may concern, baby burn organic
damn the food stamps, an these EBT's
brought the GMO's and, thee di-sease
so, yo, we building, truth revealing
internet information, confuse the children
speaking on immigration, boost the ceiling
ganja inhalation, use the healing
……..its been said, before
the blood has been bled, the love is undead
1 thread of this, and it does become spread
shots riddled all over the streets, are gun-fed
flaws in gun laws, the kids that peel wigs
turned into whatever it was, it still is
yes the Wild West, the road is possessed
a place where its best, to know less,
to da, break beat, let me take my breather
it aint like I got, all the answers neither,,,,,,
….bless-ed up in the heat, of the heart, that felt
to be part of the revolution, it starts wit self, Im like

(Verse 3)
Track Name: Thunder In Hand feat. Zoolay
(Verse 1)
Heat check peep, Im large on the streets,
me against a gang, and they called on police
Im in a giving mood, giving your bars the beats
Bux the type of dude to give, your Goons the Creeps
Im bout to make a mess, give me, a broom to sweep
like a fat boy, I got, more room to eat
Da Cherokee a Chief, an a Medicine Man
Rain-Maker, fully loaded THUNDER IN HAND
yea a 30 year career, an it, still is alive
they thought that I would die, but I, kill an survive
I kill off every rumor, like I, dead them guys
6 million ways to ummm, pick your prize
should of really seen it, when I niced up the jam,
how quick my enemies do, turn into fans
tell em come an get it, whosever up to learn
the lesson of the day, Zoolay, Buxaburn
Track Name: Part 3 feat. Rocc Halladay
(Verse 1)
They want to see ya swing at a 3rd strike
like being black and doing time is a birth right
little bad ass, since a dirt bike
use ta hide crack sacks by the curb light
back then, a fiend was a sure sight
and like the Clan we needed it to be pure white
u know the pure type, cus when ya get it in
it smell like a boat dock in Medellin (Columbia)
really trying ta turn cheddar green
awe, the snitch is gonna burn everything
saw a kilo, took a garden hose to the root of all evil
one drop bada-bing!
got to get it, easy as the exchange
connected it and said, catch ya on the next plane
Im just trying ta stay ahead game
stick and move or get, hung by your neck chain.

Drug Runner…roll on
Dope Dealer….thats yo song
hey hussla….what u say hussla ……….take it away

I sell cocaine, wit my eyes closed
like a Big pimp, wit all the fly hoes
bought the whole gang, assault rifles
if I die tonight, thats how the dice rolls
over here its just,……..the way that life goes

(Verse 2)
But when the hot grease popped off
thats when the chicken got, tossed in the hot sauce
the rat sung like a bird, with the track off
said if he saw me on the street, its hats off
thats all talk, he was that soft
I found him on his way home, he was that lost
Jack,……. I seen em in his fast car
shouldn't drive with your face on the dashboard
hit the wrong note playin these keys
thinking it was sweeter than the Bees Knees
tweeter talk, teetered tottered with the police
you'd a thought, he was coming from the old street
can't hide a wolf when theres no sheep
or pull the wool over my eyes, when I don't sleep
youuuuu…...should of stuck wit Duck Confit
instead trying ta cook birds with the OG.


(Verse 3)
Hey Yo, Yayo, yo who want the magic
pay me on delivery huh, who want the attic
on earth as it is in heaven, but it isn't heaven
delivered at the 12th hour, as it is 11
nowhere to run, Reverend Im over due
but money make you think your walking on the water too
naw, so now Im hollering a audible
like Mr. Pusha listen this is what u oughtta do
smarter too, fall back if ya can't cope
cus what it all crack up to be, aint dope
I know your song, "AS LONG AS IT AINT BROKE"
ya niggas still don't get it do ya huh
……man, you act as if I aint spoke
like I aint showed u a life style that aint yo's
try ta tell the Dog what its all about
before they put the little man, in the Big House.

Track Name: From The Old Santa Ana
(Verse 1)
From Santa-ana. then u was there too
we roll down Bristol, then circle Fairview
hang on left on Dyer, come back and pass thru
I show ya how it had happened bout 1980-uuuuh
me a ol time MC, straight frum Grade Skool
thats where ya learn quick how ta pump, ya brake shoe
too much turning up, …. somthin a burn you
put the record on the table, lets see what it turn to, cus

Some a neva know Santa-ana
talk a lot a chat, an neva go Santa-Ana
da girl they tell me, "Bux, you are so Santa-Ana"
I tell em, "U know what, Im "Frum The Ol' Santa-Ana"

(Verse 2)
I Throw Back records, heres your 1 reference
live in the square, its Bux a run session
listen to tha HOOD-LUM, watch tha good western
no doubt about it, not even a good question
top shotta, made it a lot, a Hot Steppin
deep in the city of San-ta-Ana the Legend
Well, since a kid, I live, what Im addressing
gwan throw it up in the air,... pop off a weapon, go


(Bridge- inDJnous cutting up the Wheels of Steel)

(Verse 3)
Naw, naw, naw, naw, awww, y'all only sort a rap
an move like, you sort a this, an sort a that
me I had a key to the city before da trap
i can take you to the street, that you neva saw on the map
wheres it at, ……..Black,….. me launch the attack
Bux wanted for dope, like they caught, me wit crack
Mister Baker Man, wit the pies in the back
tha Driver!, ….but thats the other side of the track


(Verse 4)
See when u see a G, rolling wit a Guantana
drinking tequila,, an puffin on a marijuana
wearing some Dickies, an some Chucks, and a Bandana
stackin da Feria!!, ……... you probably in Santa-Ana
now theres some shit that u can do, an some u don't wanna
make it on WORLDSTAR!!, standin on the wrong corner
they said, "Bux u be poppin off that old drama"
I told em, "naw homie listen, This is Santa-Ana"…UH HUH!!!


(Bridge- inDJnous cutting up the Wheels of Steel)

(Verse 5)
(Repeat Verse 1)


(Verse 6)
Now 20-14 come, thirst this naah be one
of them bad years, thats cursed wit more re-run
Bob Marley, total destruction thats what, he-sung
the only solution, is that it already be-GUN
right ON-Q, the fall of a Politician
bought into it, now I want all of it, an a refund
back ta Santa-Ana the block, the corner me from
listen to the word of the Don,…... its in the song like


(Bridge- inDJnous cutting up the Wheels of Steel)
Track Name: Keep Ya Hands Off
If you don't want me, to go crazy
don't you abuse, my Baby
Keep Ya Hands Off, my blood line
I will kill u, if u touch mine

(Verse 1)
Im gonna warn u, but not 2 times
this is my child, this is divine
think I don't care, think I'm not there
said I'm too cool, that is hot air
then u call me , a fucken dead beat
you are dead wrong, I am deadly
I am Daddy, I am a Poppa
listen I am, my Babies Father
need discipline, then let me know
but until then, u better lay low
i mean no belt, don't break a switch
this aint the 80's, that shit is over wit


(Verse 2)
Cut off yo hand, shoot yo foot
and when thats the done, u get yo ass whooped
I aint no snitch, but this is one time
I can call upon, Mister One Time
u better stop me, cus Im a murder them
go open thee pen, one of us going in
and to my Baby, Daddy loves u
no there is no law, put above u
somebody touch u, u need to tell me
cus it is my job, to keep u healthy
its called parenting, thats what we have here
nobody cross me, don't get no idea.

Track Name: The Distance
Ever since I made a Entrance
Buxaburnin wit the Incense
I'm a get to where I been sent
from the day I came, its the one ya name

(Verse 1)
May I take this one
sound like A Time To Kill, so lets make this fun
man a Hollar Jesus Christ, in an Ancient Tongue
already over, by the time the Great Kid Come
CEASE FIRE, only after they get some
its just a walk in the park, way I make this run
man I run up in a Hoody, like Im some Hood-Lum
an beat it up on da mmmm, Rum Pum Pum aaaaaaaah
Bux I make u feel, like u just drink Rum
like 6 o'clock in the summer, after too much sun
like takin ur 10 steps, and with that hand gun
u put it down on the record, before that man spun
Im speaking it but the thing is, I don't talk none
see fiyah come from my English, like South London
whoever would mention Brixton, would know Pecknam
and know not to come up missin, in ol Sant-an

They call me Big Buxaburn, I know how to do bad
Born in Cincinnati, cut from Kentucky Blue Grass
I was raised by Moma, Hip Hop is my Dad
I showed u the Role Model, and u dressed it in drag
If I didn't come to flow, then Id be whooping yo ass
the only dope that u produce, is what they cooking in glass
funny thing is, y'all aint even making me mad

(Verse 2)
see if u listen, u can hear the Melanin Talk
God Body, man a make a Skeleton Walk
from the Lobby, to wherever ya carry the Cross
Ladi Dadi, …… if I was Native New York
Lord a Yardee, tell me what u put in the mix
talking bout y'all hooder than this
nigga if u had to rap, for ur life, y'all wouldn't exist
wit ya soft, as the proof, in the pudding lyrics
right quick, Ill let ya hold a foot an fist
I make music, that can be the hook and the kick
Slick be taking names, Im using the list,
ya running wit the Bull and Im, shooting the shit
they-go-whoooaaa,……….. now how stupid is it
we in the building with the fiyah, on the roof of this bitch,
haa, ... give ya a shot-out, like who did I miss
go take it up wit da Angel,….. Who-Blew-Ya-A-Kiss



(Verse 3)
If it, takes forever, I really could care lesser
Im a stay high, and fly as the air pressure
Captain MC, my lyric is there yes sir
no its not a bar, more like its a rare measure
whoever threw Salt, never would spare Pepa
hold on to the flavor, and never would share treasure
here take a jewel, I pray that you fair better
learn to move weight, get off of the stair stepper
…you lean……..furthermore of the mean lecture
I haven't heard a word, your just an obscene gesture
Jesus,……. what does it take to bring Mecca
sleep is,….. for who awaits the Dream Catcher
ill be on the scene, I guard my Queen Bless Her
me and my machine, protect the King Shepard
in a game of chess, the past may seemed checkered
MOVE YALL, with or with out, …..A clean record.


Track Name: Dinosaur Laws
(Verse 1)
The people have spoken, they want an artist
they want the reality, of something conscious
we need a voice an a lyric, give me the palm prints
I mean a soul an spirit, nuff a the nonsense
an so the industry, push it, through out the market
its bull shit, an the lil children are targets
yo man I feel like I should be filing charges
yo Hollywood, Im pulling ya red carpets
some people work for the Devil he got Sergeants
yo thats a hu-mannequin, an yo thats a martian
My Lord, make a musician kick up a War-Wind
make em go, be instrumental an kick a door-in,
bow an arrow, I roll wit the holy horses
Hood ova Evil, its Good an wicked when I source this
Buxaburn, YES I, am from be-far this
the Old Dinosaur, back up out of the Tar-pits.

From the Graffiti on the Walls
to Freestyling in the Halls
these are the Dinosaur Laws

(Verse 2)
Speaking on you, I would say, OK, here we go
well first of all, your not a voice, your a video
tricking the eye, trying to tell the truth a lie
the popular choice, made by a suit and tie
you an your songs, they're only written for executives
calling the shots, never leaving any messages
when will it stop, ...... featuring the actor
who leaves hip hop, an then, pop goes the rapper
Speaking on me, take it from where it start first
there in The Distance, on the corner wit my artwork
Knowledging Gods, an not the garbage on the TV
The Dinosaur Laws, f rom the Walls Of Graffiti
tis a skill, that will create the motivation
blessing the child, throughout the coming generations
Listen and Look, ill let ya hear it in my vision
a page in the Book, How To Become….A Musician.

(Verse 3)
ha, well alright then, thats the Bad Man's time again,
Buxaburn chiming in,
just had ta find with-in, Big shout to Bo Kem,
thank you for the production….
for the fire on track list, an all this, that, an the 3rd
I was just standing there like, what am I gonna do wit these words
so we cooked up and served, u know i want to say in terms of message
I had a couple goals that I wanted to reach on this LP, ……
1 of them being, there is no age limit when it comes to being an MC,
Ive gone The Distance, I picked up my pen an wrote,
for children adults and grown folks,
with a bit of intelligence, honesty creates the relevance,…..
an then following that would be having the respect for musicianship,
if you don't keep it, ur career ova, you oughtta nurture the culture,
thats what Buxaburn told ya ….ha, u guys…..

From the Graffiti on the Walls
to Freestyling in the Halls
these are the Dinosaur Laws